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Canada is a great country where everyone wants to live in. It has a good climate as well as a democratic country. Today we will talk about British Columbia, a Canadian state which is one of the most beautiful states in Canada. The capital of BC state is Victoria city. 
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victoria city bc 

It can also be called a paradise. Tourists from all over the world come to visit it. It is an island city in the middle of the sea. It has an ocean on one side and hills on the other. These mountains offer a spectacular view of the sun's rays. Most of the tourists visit this city during the summer season and people want to spend their whole life in victoria bc because of its environment.

People come from all over the world to see it. You can hire a horse-cart to see this city. In front of these horses-driven carriages are a pair of very good, strong, and healthy horses. 

Those who run these horse-carts wear a special kind of uniform. The horse-cart operators also provide information about the city's historic and other buildings.

    top 10 tourist Places in victoria canada

    Victoria city is located on the south side of Vancouver Island. It has a population of about 85,700. Greater Victoria has a population of about 367,000. Due to its dense population, it is the seventh most densely populated city in Canada.

    Its population density is about 4500 persons per km. It has a larger population than the city of Toronto. Or we could say that Victoria is the largest city in western Canada. The distance between British Columbia and Vancouver is about 100 kilometers.

    Seattle is one of the most famous cities in the United States. The city of Victoria is about 100 KM from Seattle. Surrounded by the sea, tourists travel from Seattle to Victoria by plane or large boat. The Parliament House of British Columbia was built-in 1897.  

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    geography of victoria bc

    The Empress Hotel was built in 1908. The city has a Chinatown which is a popular attraction. Victoria is a very advanced and technologically advanced city. As a result, it has become a popular tourist destination.

     It also generates a lot of revenue for the Government of Canada because there are so many private industries and tourists come to visit this place.

    There are about 20 the best cities in the world. Victoria is one of these 20 cities. Many students from this country and abroad come to study in this city because there is Victoria University, Royal Roads University, Victoria College of Arts and Canadian College of Performing Arts.

    There are a lot of boatmen living in this city. Surrounded by the sea, the beaches offer breathtaking views which is why it is famous in the world for its beaches. When people have free time, they come to this city to enjoy. It is a snow-free city.

    tourist attractions in victoria canada

    The city was home to a number of coastal groups. In the late 1700s, European travelers arrived in Victoria. Its northwest coast was explored by the Spaniards and the British. Juan Perez arrived here in early 1774. About four years later, in 1778, James arrived. Esquimalt Harbor reached west of Victoria in 1790-92.

    The city was ruled by the British. Later, when the United States annexed it, in 1841, George Simpson recommended the establishment of a trading post at its southern end. The responsibility should be given to James Douglas.

    Oregon Treaty: The two countries have been at loggerheads for some time over the occupation of the District of Columbia by the United States and the United Kingdom. The northern part of New Caledonia was also the subject of controversy.

    The area was occupied by Britain and the United States in 1818. Later in June 1846, With the help of US President James K. Pollock, an agreement was reached to resolve the dispute in the region. This alliance was named the Oregon Treaty.

    The treaty defined the boundaries of North America when the Oregon border dispute was going on. During the controversy at that time, in 1846, James Douglas established Victoria Fort in accordance with the treaty. As a result, the border with North America widened.

    Fort Albert was the old name of Victoria Castle. The fort was named after Queen Victoria of Great Britain in 1843. The city was later renamed Victoria. During this time the Hudson's Bay Company was established as a trading post. This post was known as the Camosun Post.

    The word chamoson is derived from chamosack. The word means plenty of water. The Oregon Treaty was renamed the Douglas Treaty. According to this alliance, the indigenous peoples bought land on the island of Victoria with a variety of goods exchange. As a result, Victoria's colony became the capital.

    James Douglas was appointed the second governor of Vancouver Island Colony. He was the chief superintendent of Victoria Island Castle. James Douglas retired as governor in 1864. Its first governors, Richard Blanchard and Arthur Edward Kennedy became its third and final governors.

    top 10 tourist attractions in victoria canada

    Gold is found in British Columbia. The presence of gold was discovered in 1858. The news spread like wildfire. After its discovery news of gold reached in San Francisco, the largest city in Northern California, Then Victoria became the main route for transporting gold from Canada to the United States.

    Many other minerals products were supplied through this route. The island's population grew from 300 to 5,000 due to the discovery of gold. In 1862, Victoria was declared a city. The headquarters of the Royal Navy was established in 1865.

    It is still home to Canada's Pacific Coast, the largest naval base. The island was annexed politically by British Columbia in 1866. It then became the capital of the new United Colony. After British Columbians joined the Canadian Union, Victoria city was declared the capital.

    Opium production: Opium was traded through the city in the mid-19th century which became the largest importer city in North America. Opium was imported through Hong Kong and sold in North America. There was no ban on the opium trade till 1864.

    Later it was made necessary to levy a tax on its import and issue licenses. The trade-in opium was banned in 1908 on the grounds that it was an illegal import. The Canadian Pacific Railway Terminal was completed in 1886.

    Victoria grew rapidly as the largest commercial center in the province of British Columbia.

    Victoria became a center of attraction for tourists from all over the world due to its natural beauty. The world-famous Butchart Garden was inaugurated in 1904. This garden came to fruition with the efforts of foreign tourists. This garden is so beautiful that everyone is drawn to its beauty.

    The Empress Hotel was later built by the Pacific Railway. The hotel became famous as the residence of the Queen. Both of these projects have made Victoria very popular around the world and have become a major tourist attraction and things to do in victoria bc enjoy every moment while visiting it.

    top 10 tourist attractions of victoria canada

    Royal British Columbia Museum: This museum traces back to the early days of the colonial settlement in Victoria. It collects and preserves the most important arts and crafts of the state. Whenever one visits Victoria, the capital of British Columbia, one must visit the museum. There is much more to see in it. So that the new generation can know about history.

    Fairmont empress hotel victoria bc: This is a luxury hotel. It is a national historical site. It was designed by architect Francis M. Rattenbury. It has a beautiful sheet style. This hotel is known as the Queen of Fairmont. Its design attracts a lot of tourists.

    Butchart Gardens Victoria: The garden covers an area of about 55 acres. There are many kinds of flowers like daffodils blooming in spring. In this garden, you can enjoy a variety of fragrances and natural colors. You can go boating. You can watch fireworks shows etc. on Saturdays. This decoration and outdoor ice skating attract everyone. This garden is also one of the best victoria bc attractions where everyone feels great.

    Parliament Buildings

    Chinatown: Victoria's Chinatown is very famous. The Chinese came to Canada about 150 years ago. The town offers a glimpse into the culture and traditions of the Chinese people. As you enter Chinatown via Fisgard Street, you have a beautiful view.

    There is a Buddhist temple, Chinese public school, etc. due to the Chinese population. The town offers Chinese-style architecture, shops and a variety of items such as dragon fruit and other Asian food. When you visit Chinatown, you will feel a different kind of happiness.

    Beacon Hill Park: The park is located in downtown Victoria. There are also many motels and hotels in victoria bc . You can easily reach the port. There is also a historical museum. After visiting Douglas Street, take the hill to the right where Beacon Hill Park begins.

    Craigdarroch Castle: The richest man in British Columbia in the 19th century was Robert Dunsmuir. This castle was built as his home. It was designed by Oregon architect Warren H. Williams. It was completed by his colleague Arthur L. Smith after Williams' death.

    Its drawing room is beautifully decorated. The images inside are viewable. Craigdarroch was sold in 1908. The contents were auctioned off. When you look at it, you will know many other interesting facts about it. Fort Rodd Hill National Historic Site

    Craigdarroch Castle, maritime museum of british columbia,

    Maritime Museum Of British Columbia: The oldest marine museum in western Canada is located in British Columbia. It tells us about its history. It represents the natives, the outsiders, and everything related to British Columbians. There is also a library where you can get books and learn about it.

    Hatley Park National Historic Site: This park is a historical place that is spread over an area of ​​about 560-565 acres. Hatley Park was transformed into an educational institution. Today it houses the Royal Roads University. Inside is the Scottish Bernal style. Inside are three gardens, the Rose, the Italian, and the Japanese.

    When the Canadian government purchased it in 1940, it became a training school for naval officers. And so Park became the Royal Canadian Naval College. Today the Royal Roads University is located here. Its building is used by the administration. There is also a historical museum.

    Victoria Butterfly Gardens: A butterfly garden is like a rainbow of fluttering wings. You can see all kinds of plants, insects, poisonous frogs and pink flamingos. When it rains here, the view becomes more attractive. Butterflies hover over flowers. You must visit if you have free time.

    Victoria BC Bug Zoo: There are many types of insects in this bug zoo and there are about 40 species of insects. It's like a little zoo. It is Canada's largest ant farm. The tour guides here provide information about them. They say that somehow they are taken care of. Today everyone has a camera on their mobile phone and don't forget to take pictures.